From 100 Years Ago:
The History of St. Louis County

by William L. Thomas

A great gift for longtime residents, new arrivals and exiles who long to be back!

This fascinating book, first published in 1911, covers the period of history in St. Louis County from the earliest settlers in the region up through the Civil War and into the first decade of the 20th Century.

The book documents the towns, villages and neighborhoods, schools, churches, social societies, government, businesses, transportation and amusements that characterized life in St. Louis County at the turn of the last century. It provides abundant facts, figures and genealogy of thousands of the people active in all these endeavors. Eloquently written, The History of St. Louis County provides a fascinating look at a bygone era.

The History of St. Louis County has been re-published by County Living Publications. It is 560 pages and has an index of over 5,000 names from the County’s first 100 years to help readers find people, places and organizations from the past that are important to them.

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