“We say that St. Louis County is where ‘History Lives and the Future is Bright.’ This book is a unique resource for sharing our impressive history that can add to our pride and enjoyment of living here. It shares valuable learning about our historic towns, institutions and the enthusiasm of their founders that every resident will find inspiring.”

Charlie A Dooley

St. Louis County Executive

“This historic book provides readers a very interesting view of our community through a lens from 100 years ago. It offers a wealth of information for understanding the people, places and events in our local history that also helped shape the history of the United States.”

Robert R. Archibald, PhD

President of the Missouri History Museum

“There are so many fascinating things in this book to learn about life in St. Louis County at the turn of the last century. Plenty of the kind of factoids, both serious and entertaining, that I am sure even most life-long residents don’t know. This book also introduces hundreds of the influential people in our history that I would love to have interviewed.”

Charlie Brennan

KMOX Radio Host

Listen to Charlie Brennan’s interview with publisher Todd Abrams to learn more about “The History of St. Louis County, Missouri” which appeared on KMOX on Tuesday December 13, 2011.